Re: [OT] Re: rename improvement


> Hello, I like to hook up this eMail again. I still have problems with this
> issue and F1...F12 - Shift+F1...Shift+F4 works perfectly but after that not.
> Ok this is Linux console related. Could you please go a bit deeper into this
> please and may give me a hint where I should look for this ?

man loadkeys
man dumpkeys

Different keymaps used by loadkeys use different sequences for Shift with
functional keys.  There is no standard.  The terminal capabilities
described in terminfo tie those sequences to F11-F20.  Since terminfo
doesn't know anything about real settings (as shown by dumpkeys), you end
up with different sequences for F11-F20.

> - Is it Getty related ?


> - Is it Console-Tools related ?

Yes.  Different non-standard keymaps are included there.

> - Is it Linux Kernel related ? OR

Yes.  The kernel has its default keymap.

> - Is it Ncurses related ?

I would say no.  ncurses is not supposed to get terminal settings from any
other place but terminfo or termcap.

Pavel Roskin

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