Re: [OT] Re: rename improvement

On Friday 07 March 2003 19:20, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> > hm, should it do something ? i don't see the point to learn my shift key
> > since it is a common key used on 100% of all machines, no fancy things
> > that need to be learned. on the otherhand i don't see anything under
> > learn keys that should bring me the requested rename feature.
> Not quite.  Linux console may think that Shift-F4 is F16 in some keyboard
> layouts.  It would be nice to discover this situation and adjust to it,
> but it has not been done.  In fact, it has never been requested.

Hello, I like to hook up this eMail again. I still have problems with this 
issue and F1...F12 - Shift+F1...Shift+F4 works perfectly but after that not. 
Ok this is Linux console related. Could you please go a bit deeper into this 
please and may give me a hint where I should look for this ?

- Is it Getty related ?
- Is it Console-Tools related ?
- Is it Linux Kernel related ? OR
- Is it Ncurses related ?

I don't use a common Distribution so please don't ask for that but just for 
knowledge increasing an answer would be helpful. Maybe I can share it one day 
with someone else who needs it.

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