Using poptPrintHelp()


Each option for mc has two descriptions - one in function
print_mc_usage(), another in argument_table[], both in src/main.c.

This is suboptimal, error prone, requires using exactly the same
preprocessor directives in two parts of the code, and puts additional
strain on the translators.

I suggest that we change print_mc_usage() to use poptPrintHelp().  This is 
a standard popt function from src/popthelp.c, and it's already linked into 
the mc executable.

print_mc_usage() will only print text that poptPrintHelp() 
doesn't produce, such as "this_dir" and "other_panel_dir" arguments and 
"+number" for mcedit.

The opposite approach, removing description from argument_table[], would
not address the issue of synchronizing preprocessor directives between
print_mc_usage() and argument_table[].

The next step will be removal of all developer-only options, such as 
--background, --debuglevel and --ftplog, or maybe replacing them with just 
one option that would log everything.  There is no need to confuse users 
by the options that most of them won't ever use.

Any suggestions?

Pavel Roskin

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