Syntax file for M4/Autoconf


This time I'd like to contribute a syntax file for M4 macroprocessor
with autoconf support.
(m4.syntax attached)
Put these lines in Syntax:
file (..\*\\.m4$| M4\sMacroprocessor\sSource
include m4.syntax
And add a line to syntax/

Pavel, I'm sorry, but I misspelled word 'highlighting' in ChangeLog
entry for js.syntax.
I'd be glad if you corrected it (js.syntax-spelling.patch)

Also, what do you think of adding numbers highlighting to C and Java
syntax files?

There are some more changes that I'd like to contribute to c.syntax such
- alphabetic sorting of keywords
- better preprocessor directives highlighting
- removing unnessesary syntax rules (for example we don't need to
highlight '==' if there's '=')
What do you think?

Vlad Romanenko.

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