Re: Spanish help: configure options & related .po changes

Hi, David!

>  Lots of work today. Let's go:
> a) Remade the Configure options help (Spanish) and fix some of the
> messages in the dialog. When I translated them for the first time I
> didnīt realize their real use and now I tried some more understandable
> stuff. (Patch included; you may get some rejections when applying the
> patch because of the changes from yesterday).

Applied.  Everything is fine (I removed already applied strings).  Thank

> b) May we change the Options Menu help and move the Layout entry to
> match it's position in the real menu? The same for the Layout Options
> node.

Done in all translations.

> c) About gettext. I suppose it's because of the version of gettext in my
> machine. The new .po got rid of the intermediate comments (I'm not sure
> if I like this behavior) so when I at home I get this stuff
> back and I get huge diffs.

I think it's better to upgrade gettext.  The comments are only copied to
the po file if they contain the word "TRANSLATORS:".  See "man xgettext".

"TRANSLATORS:" is hardcoded in the new  If you have a
problem with it, report to the gettext maintainers.  I think that the idea
is reasonable, but we'll have to find and change all the comments for

> e) I read something about spaces in translated messages. There are many
> leading and trailing spaces in my translations which are used just to
> get the proper alignment in the dialog. Now that we are sharing the same
> callback function these spaces (as before and after the title) may be
> trimmed out from .po files. The sooner the better, and some sed may be
> very useful to help translators. We may, anyway, get to some conflicts
> because the same English string can have different translations in
> different contexts, and we were abusing the spaces in a tricky way to
> distinguish them.

I know about this and I try to be careful.

Pavel Roskin

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