Re: PATCH 4.6.0pre1 change panel scroll behavior

Hello, Miven!

>   Pavel, does this seem useful to you? I know, I know, the scroll was
> never broken ;-) I like it though. I think it makes the scrolling
> behavior look more 'pro' or something. I never did like that
> scroll-by-half-page thing.

I don't like it.  If I want to mark a few files that span the whole screen
and I want to see as many of them as I can, I'm now forced to move the
cursor to the middle of the marked files.

Even worse, to move the cursor without moving the panels, I'm now forced
to use the mouse.  Mouse is _optional_ in GNU Midnight Commander.  It is
not a program for Apple!  There is no mouse support in many terminals,
including *BSD console.

Midnight Commander already has acceptance problems on *BSD.  Your patch 
will make it even worse.

Next time make sure that your patch is not mangled by your mailer.  If you 
cannot do it, use gzip.

Pavel Roskin

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