Re: [PATCH] glib2.0 mini patch works with todays anoncvs

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 18:26, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> That patch for has been applied with minimal changes.  In
> particular, the option is --with-glib2.  Read "info autoconf" - the
> documentation is quite clear about that.

cool, i will get a look over that.

> > this patch is checked up and down and shouldn't cause any problems.
> > please apply and give me feedback.
> Yes, except that people without pkg.m4 cannot use CVS.  I'm fixing it now 
> by creating the "m4" directory with all m4 files.

yes that sounds reasonable for now.

> I didn't apply you patch for  I think your build environment 
> is wrong.  Cygwin uses some wrappers that check for requirements before 
> calling one of the versions. has this line:

no this assumption is wrong. i am author of one of the bigger gnome 2
buildscripts around we are able to paralell install vanilla automake
1.4-p6 and automake 1.6.x within the same prefix. please get automake
1.4-p6 from and investigate into the readme and changelog
there. please also consult this context.

e.g. the bindir looks like this

/usr/bin/automake      <-- either 1.4-p6 or 1.6.x depends which got
                           installed last or manually linked to one of
/usr/bin/aclocal       <-- either 1.4-p6 or 1.6.x depends which got
                           installed last or manually linked to one of


now this is nice for the automake itself. but if it uses e.g. the 1.4
binary then it spits out error. so it makes sense in the file
to explicitely use the correct version.

> It should be sufficient if you are using a wrapper.  By the way, I'm
> surprized that Automake 1.4 is still used in GNOME 2.

yes thats why 1.4-p6 was made. some modules of gnome cvs head are beeing
ported to 1.6.x already and gnome-2-0 branches still point to 1.4 (and
will be ported soon too). well if you use just one automake then this
doesn't make much sense.. but recently i got trapped myself by this e.g.
i read in the mc changelog that you need at least automake 1.5. i
installed automake 1.5 specially for mc and mc refused to generate the
makefiles because it depends on 1.6 already. so it may be interesting
and for sure a good idea to rename it to automake-1.6 at least from a
vanilla point of view.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
E-Mail..: mailto:ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de

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