Re: [PATCH] glib2.0 mini patch works with todays anoncvs


> here an update to the patch,
> this time it's a condition which checks for --enable-glib2 if it's set
> then it defaults to glib2.0 if not (for those still using glib1.2.x
> simply leave it out) it defaults to glib1.2.x.

That patch for has been applied with minimal changes.  In
particular, the option is --with-glib2.  Read "info autoconf" - the
documentation is quite clear about that.

> this patch is checked up and down and shouldn't cause any problems.
> please apply and give me feedback.

Yes, except that people without pkg.m4 cannot use CVS.  I'm fixing it now 
by creating the "m4" directory with all m4 files.

I didn't apply you patch for  I think your build environment 
is wrong.  Cygwin uses some wrappers that check for requirements before 
calling one of the versions. has this line:


It should be sufficient if you are using a wrapper.  By the way, I'm
surprized that Automake 1.4 is still used in GNOME 2.

Pavel Roskin

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