Re: Update for both es.po & es_ES.po

Hello, David!

Something is wrong with your mail program - whenever you send an
attachment, it also attaches an html representation of your message.  The
later is not necessary and confuses my Pine, so that I have to reformat
the quoted text.

> Diff file to patch both Spanish translations. Just a couple of strings.

You are too fast.  I actually wanted to remove all debugging messages and 
use environment variable instead.  It will save time for translators 
(developes who need "-D" are supposed to know English at least to 
understand the technical documentation).  Also the users won't be confused 
by the options they don't need.

Anyway, I've applied your patch.

> BTW, I'm using old I got from CVS a long time ago.
> Have there been many changes? I see that the files I get from them are
> now very different. Any hint/update?

There have been no changes in those files, but gettext has been upgraded
from 0.10.40 to 0.11.5.  If you have any problems, please give more

Pavel Roskin

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