Re: Patch: hard link texts - i18n

Hello, Arpad!

> The "hard link" dialog (File/Link menu item) has the same " Link " text
> twice: as the dialog title and also as part of the " Link ... to:"
> string. Since - at least in Hungarian; I don't know about other
> languages - this string cannot be translated in a way that's appropriate
> for both places, I created a small patch that makes those two strings
> independent of each other. Patch follows (between the dashed lines):

I believe that the use of g_strconcat() on translated strings is
absolutely inappropriate.  It may work for English, it may work for
Hungarian, but it's going to break for some language.  Your patch is
insufficient because it doesn't eliminate the root cause.

I've applied a patch that uses format strings.  Unfortunately, it means 
two more strings to translate.

The position of the text in the dialog will be fixed separately.  
Translators should not worry about defects in the widget library.  All the
sapces and the end and the beginning of translatable strings will be
gradually eliminated.

Pavel Roskin

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