Just got mc-4.6.0-pre1

To say right at the top:
mc is the best file manager I've used. Excellent. Thank you. I'm glad others like it too.

I just compiled and installed the freshest version so I haven't had too close of a look yet.

Preamble:  I'm using a Duron750, Mandrake8.2, gcc-2.96,  gnome, sawfish,
gnome-terminal, $TERM=xterm.  Sometimes run it from CLI, not much anymore.

A few notes:

'make install' didn't do vfs directory. I had to cd into it and do 'make' manually. Just
missing from the Makefile.

When mc first starts, I always get the user menu (?). Extra keystrokes from somewhere?
Anyone else get this?
I have to TAB at least once before the PWD shows in the command line.

I don't know why but shift-F5 is working again in the editor, but it didn't in 4.5.55
from the gnome-terminal.


I have a bunch of hacks for 4.5.55 that I wondered if anyone was
interested in.  I could diff them up and post them:

Scrolling in panel tries to keep panel->selected in the middle of the panel, scrolling by one line instead of a half panel. Its a great hack and simple too. The only time panel->selected hits the top or bottom is when you are on
the first or last item.  I like it.

I use Control-F for paste to file and control-G for paste from file. Shift-F unction keys don't seem to get through in some situations. (fixed in 4.6
maybe?  It seems to work now.)

I did Alt-R for rename.  This one is a bit more hackish,
but essentially does a move with out prefixing the other panels
dirname in the inputbox.  Much easier to rename many files.  That
one bugged me for a while, fixing my mp3 filenames.

Fixed up some of the menus and wouldn't mind tweaking them up a bit more.
They seem to use the wrong color for the menubar and box outlines (the panel
selected color I think).

Fixed the thing with edit using ~/.cedit/cooledit.clip. I see this already is fixed.

Isn't there a way to grab the mousewheel? I ended up hacking my .sawfishrc.

Cheers and Bye for now.

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