Re: mc 4.6.0-pre1 documentation issues


> 1. <INSTALL> and <INSTALL.FAST> refer to 'make mcfninstall' command for
>    installing mc() function, but there is no such rule inside Makefile.
>    I guess it is caled mcfn_install there.

I've just removed mcfn_install and all references to mcfninstall.  The
whole thing is a beautiful reminder of the good old days when everybody
was a hacker (smart enough to patch .bashrc) and nobody cared about
security (never mind that the shell executes whatever mc sends to stdout).

The "-P" flag support is a known problem.  Unless somebody makes it work
in a secure way, it will be removed before 4.6.0 release.  I don't want to
be responsible for the old hacks that nobody wants to fix, but some may
want to exploit.

> 2. <INSTALL.FAST> claims that "Note that syntax highlighting in
>    the editor is currently unavailable with ncurses.". On the other hand
>    <NEWS> says "Syntax highlighting now works with ncurses".

Fixed.  Thanks!

Pavel Roskin

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