Re: mc 4.6.0-pre1: scripts execution issue


> "Pause after run" is set to "alwaYs" via F9->Options->Configuration
> menu.
> When I press Enter on sh script with executable bit set, I expect to
> see "Press any key to continue..." prompt after the script is finished,
> but if the first line of a script is "#! /bin/sh", there is no prompt
> after the execution - mc's panels appear immediately.
> Under root all is OK regardless of the presence of "#! /bin/sh" line
> inside a script.

Strange as it is, Marius Gedminas posted a message that indirectly answers
your question.  Your .mc/bindings file has an ugly, badly conceived hack
that needs to be removed.  The rule starting with "type/executable" should
not be there - mc knows better how to execute executable files.

I'm sure you didn't put those lines there.  Unfortunalely, mc copies 
whole files to your local directory to let you edit just one line.  
Checking for file format is done only in exceptional cases, when somebody 
bothered to implement it.  So, if you were upgrading from mc older than 
3.0 (very unlikely), you would be warned.

In this case, the format didn't change, but the contents did.  Support for 
usinversal versioning for all files (Syntax, bindings, tree etc) would be 

Pavel Roskin

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