Re: regex fix for cygwin

Pavel Roskin wrote:


I agree that we must use the second approach, i.e.:

1. Use the mc's regex code, i.e. src/regex.c and src/eregex.h.
Maybe we should rename src/regex.c to src/eregex.c just to be consistent?

I would rather call them both regex.* unless it causes problems (it should

2. Reenable the mc's regex code for all platforms, i.e. remove those  "#if
0"  from  src/regex.c and src/eregex.h

Take the latest regex sources from gnu.  It is Ok if all code is disabled
when GNU libc is found - libc should provide the same functions, although
I'm a bit worried if those internal functions can be used - if not, then the included regex should be used.

Important is that either you disable all or you enable all.  No mix of
libc regex and included regex.

3. Replace all instances of  #include "regex.h"  by  #include "eregex.h"

Or vice versa, but make sure that the included regex.h has preference.

I use Slackware 7.1 with glibc-2.1.3.  After March 18
mc compiles and use its own regex.c and ignores glibc's
ones.  And I am not happy with ~28k overhead and 6 warnings.

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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