Re: Making the "Panel" Background White?

Randy Kramer <rhkramer fast net> wrote:


> > mc -C directory=red,yellow
> > 
> > Do you see the text or you have red on red?  What terminal aree
> > you using?
> Well, I can see that there is text there, but it appears to be
> almost the same color (red more than yellow) and very hard to read.
> It appears the same for my son, but I'll check with my wife when she
> comes home.

FYI, this is what I get:

xterm: red on yellow
rxvt: red on yellow
eterm: red on lightbraun
gnome-terminal: red on lightbraun/orange

So translation of symbolic colornames to RGB values is not consistent
between terminals.

> BTW, mc -C directory=yellow,red gives significantly better results.

yellow is translated different if it is used as foreground color
than if it is used as background color.

mc -C directory=yellow,yellow has always a brighter tone as foreground
color in the terminals I have installed.

Just observations. I don't know how the terminals work internally, or
how to change the behaviour.


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