Re: [patch] Fix ftpfs uploading behavior -rc1


> >>I reworked ftpfs uploading patch and now I invite you to test it
> >>hardly.  There are 3 changed files and one new field (linear) in
> >>vfs_s_super structure.  This flag inform ftpfs_fh_open about ordered
> >>linear transfer in this ftp connection.  Now temporary file is used
> >>only if file is copied over ftpfs from ftp server to the same ftp
> >>server.  I think it is not good idea to open new control connection.
> >>
> >
> > Do you think linear field in vfs_s_super is right thing?
> >
> > It seems very wrong to me. That state is certainly not
> > per-superblock....
> I consider to rename this field to u.ftp.control_connection_buzy
> or data_transfer and call MEDATA->linear_start in vfs_s_open

I guess u.ftp.control_connection_busy is okay.

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