Re: Russian characters in src/

Hi, Pavel
today you wrote:
Hi, Andrew!

Could you please eliminate Russian characters from src/  You
are setting a bad example and I cannot leave it as is in the release. Other people will follow your steps and will add text to in
other languages, even in 2-byte languages, such as Chinese.  This is not
the right way to mix different encodings in the same file.  Consider
adding a new keyword to mc.1 that would hold the translation of "Topics".

Well, it seems to be a good move.  I will see some later.
BTW, when do you plan to release next version?
Another good thing may be to move rules for generating and installation
of mc.hlp.?? from src/ to doc/??/
and check ALL_LINGUAS for list of languages.

But I need your help with automake for these changes, especially
for doc/

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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