Re: mc.1 translated in Russian

Hi, Andrew!

> I converted and fixed/translated  a half of binary
> (by Victor Kostromin <kos nbrt kazan su>)
> to nroff mandoc format.


> I plan to finish this work in february,
> and where to put this file is a good questions.
> Possible places are doc/
> or doc/ru/

doc/ru/ is better.  Actually, I think that the manuals should not 
be processed by configure to substitute current paths.  Instead, the 
manual should be universal and should explain how to find out where the 
files are installed.  But doc/ru/ is a good start.  Let me sort out 
automake problems if you have any.

By the way, it would be nice if you applied your script to the Hungarian 
translation as well - it is already on CVS (lib/

Pavel Roskin

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