Re: patchfs, audio update

> > Sorry, I don't understand why an empty line is not a diff boundary.  It's
> > not valid in diff, as far as I know.
> Yes, it is not a valid diff.
> Valid diff puts:
> ' \n' (space and a newline)
> But Andrew gave me a link to a www mailing list archive, with a patch
> inside <pre> tags. When one saves such webpage (or paste&copy it) the
> space is stripped and it looks like this:
> '\n' (only newline)

OK, then it's fine.

> > Besides, Andrew has CVS access and uses it very responsibly.
> Maybe, but his fix isn't necessary - at least for my system. See:

I think it's better not to use tell() on pipes.  We had a problem with
man2hlp doing the same, and it was pretty bad on some OSes, if I remember
correctly (the output would grow indefinitely).

> The patch for this issue is already in BTS!


Pavel Roskin

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