Re: mmap and SIGBUS

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Let me explain what the words "assertion failed" mean (sorry if you know
> already).  It means that the developers want to make sure that something
> is true and want to be informed if it's not true.

Indeed.  I have seen this very problem discussed some year ago, and I am
fairly sure the developers know about this.

> I actually checked Bonsai (, and it shows that the
> only goad.c in the repository is gnome-libs/libgnorba/Attic/goad.c (where
> gnome-libs is the module name), but it was removed from the head branch.

Quite.  Goad has been superceded in favour of Oaf, but that hasn't
trickled through to some distributions yet.

> If you want to bother the developers about the stable branch, please find
> the appropriate list starting with and post your
> problem there.
> Otherwise, update to the CVS HEAD and try again.  Things are likely to be
> broken somewhere, but you should be able to see if your problem persists.

Nobody should what I've said a complaint.  I am fairly happy using Gnome
these days, and I shall wait until it works better.  I am sure the
problem has been reported already.  I am just a little surprised to see
a traditional strengh of the X window system has disappeared, even if it
is only for a temporary few years.

But still, that doesn't excuse Pavel Machek's suggestion that crashing
on the occasional SIGBUS is good enough for GMC :-)

> Please don't assume that other developers don't test their products or
> don't care about something.  Firstly, the developers care when the users
> care (although good developers _try_ to be ahead).

I know these things take a lot of time, energy and organisation, which I
am still in awe of in you developers.  (I struggle to find the time &
energy to work on my own free software, it is really quite depressing).

-- Jamie

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