Re: mmap and SIGBUS

Hi, Jamie!

>   ** ERROR **: file goad.c: line 1237 (goad_server_register):
> assertion failed: (name_server != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL)

Let me explain what the words "assertion failed" mean (sorry if you know
already).  It means that the developers want to make sure that something
is true and want to be informed if it's not true.

The authors of goad.c want to hear from you as soon as possible (in
theory).  I'm pretty sure you cannot find any of them in this list.

I actually checked Bonsai (, and it shows that the
only goad.c in the repository is gnome-libs/libgnorba/Attic/goad.c (where
gnome-libs is the module name), but it was removed from the head branch.

If you want to bother the developers about the stable branch, please find
the appropriate list starting with and post your
problem there.

Otherwise, update to the CVS HEAD and try again.  Things are likely to be
broken somewhere, but you should be able to see if your problem persists.

Please don't assume that other developers don't test their products or
don't care about something.  Firstly, the developers care when the users
care (although good developers _try_ to be ahead).  Secondly, you may have
a particular configuration that nobody has tried yet (e.g. CORBA parses
$DISPLAY to find the remote CORBA server, which would break under ssh).

"... direct your venom to those who deserve it." - Jon "maddog" Hall

Pavel Roskin

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