Re: mmap and SIGBUS

Pavel Machek wrote:
> Or you could map there /dev/zero, and set error flag somewhere,
> killing longjmp mess.


> > Well, xterm, emacs, ghostview etc. and even netscape & mozilla work just
> > fine remotely, so I'm disappointed to find Gnome apps have the special
> > feature of _not_ working remotely.  It is a peculiar weakness, given
> > that "network" is what the N stands for.
> pavel bug:~$ ssh elf
> Last login: Sun Sep 23 22:30:15 2001 from
> You have mail.
> TERM=xterm
> pavel Elf:~$ gmc
> Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library

> ...and it worked for me. Pretty new debian/testing, but gnome apps
> worked over network forever...

Not for me:

  [jamie pcep-jamie jamie]$ ssh kushida
  jamie kushida's password: 
  Last login: Sun Sep 23 02:14:15 2001 from
  [jamie kushida jamie]$ gnomecal

  ** WARNING **: Could not get name service!

  ** ERROR **: file goad.c: line 1237 (goad_server_register): assertion failed: (name_server != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL)
  Aborted (core dumped)

This is bog standard Red Hat 7.1.

-- Jamie

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