Re: Modifications to show the ps/pdf files in MC

Hello, Soumava!

> Hi, 	I have hacked together a program to view ps/pdf files in console mode.
> It uses a shell script + a patched version of zgv + gs. 	This program can
> be downloaded from 	The modified MC
> bindings file is attached.

It would be nice to provide some mechanism in MC to pick up additional
bindings without having to modify any files.

It's not realistic to expect that everybody will patch their mc settings
by hand after installing your program.  Neither is it useful to make your
bindings default, so that people without your program would either have to
download it or edit their bindings.

While people involved in MC development may care more about the
configuration settings, the maintenance overhead for the users should be

By the way, please alway send patches, not whole files.  Replacing files
is not a good idea - it's easy to discard changes made by others.

Pavel Roskin

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