Re: the latest multiscreen+b+c patch

Walery Studennikov wrote:

> This patch is not for CVS version, but for mc-4.5.55.
> Eventually it may be cleanly applied to CVS, or may be not.

Well, there are various changes in CVS, but when I tried 0.4
no code changes were made. 2 or 3 FAILED, but all minor
changes, like "/* "$Id:" lines. But changes are required for
CVS because gtkedit/ is now /edit and src/ is
generated by src/ . Again, minimal changes. I
think, if people use CVS, they should be able to fix the
patch manually.

BTW, some days ago I asked Pavel privately about the
integration of the patch. Quoting:

"There are problems with the previous patches by Walery, and
I'm already getting bugreports about them.  To name a few:

Ctrl-O is the editor followed by "exit" hangs mc.
Encodings are not bound to termimal.
Filenames are neighter recoded nor filtered.
There is no option to filter out characters 128-159 without
affecting the encoding."

I really hope to see all (if any in 0.5) problems fixed. In
the meantime I'll compile 2 versions. Still, I think such
features are very welcome, but it's up to Pavel to decide
when the patch will be ready for inclusion.

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