the latest multiscreen+b+c patch

Hi, all.

Again I bother you with this piece of software ;)

Now yet another feature is bundled with this "megapatch".
Now "clipboard" operations for editor (copy, cut and paste)
can be accessed also from the editor menu.
That's because you can't use Ctrl-Ins, Shift-Ins and
Shift-Del with a remote or non-linux terminal,
so you have NO convenient way to copy text blocks
between files. Copying this commands to menu
is obvious solution for this problem.

Also some mustiscreen-related bugs are now fixed.

Some notes:

This patch is not for CVS version, but for mc-4.5.55.
Eventually it may be cleanly applied to CVS, or may be not.

To turn on multiscreen feature,
in config.h

You can get the patch from:
or (in the future) the latest version from


Regards, Walery

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