Re: the latest multiscreen+b+c patch

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 04:58:21PM -0300, FrИdИric L. W. Meunier wrote:
> BTW, some days ago I asked Pavel privately about the
> integration of the patch. Quoting:
> "There are problems with the previous patches by Walery, and
> I'm already getting bugreports about them.  To name a few:
> Ctrl-O is the editor followed by "exit" hangs mc.

Why he had not said this to me?
I had no reports about this bug.
If he received this reports privately,
why not forward them to me?
At least do I have a right to get this info?

> Encodings are not bound to termimal.
> Filenames are neighter recoded nor filtered.

This was not implemented in MC before the patch.
Charset recoding patch adds a recoding feature to editor and viewer,
but it is not intended to be complete solution for filtering all
non-ascii characters.

> There is no option to filter out characters 128-159 without
> affecting the encoding."

Again in full 8-bit output mode in the previous versions of mc
the problems was the same.
It is very easy to fix and, as far as I remember, somebody have
already posted the patch to correct this.

If there was any problems
(I can guess that not all bugs and problems in MC are only
because my patches)
why not report, discuss and try to fix them
instead of total blockade of all new suggestions?


Regards, Walery

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