Re: Backward search in internal viewer - 2nd Approximation

Hi, Andrew!

> : Thanks for trying, but an implementation for GNOME would be nice too. I
> : understand that you cannot use input_dialog(), so this means writing a
> : real GNOME dialog. You can find some examples in gdialogs.c.
> I think now we don't care about GNOME edition.

Correct, so all those ifdefs in your patch are not needed.

> : the viewer inconsistent. From the user's point of view, backward search
> : makes sence in all of those modes.
> Well, but now I have time to satisfy only my needs ;-(

I'll have a look how to make it better.

Sorry that I haven't applied this patch and the egrep patch yet.  They are
very important, so I don't want to apply them without testing and
reviewing.  But they are in my queue.

Pavel Roskin

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