Re: swapping off the panels: question


> when switching to the shell interface, so switching off the panels (Ctr+O = is this what you
> name the 'subshell'?), *sometimes* I find a command like:

Yes, that's called subshell.

> cd "`echo -e '\057\155\156\164\057\146\151\162\145\142\141\154\154\057\156\145\164\142\157\170'`"
> and many others in the bash history, whereas I've never typed such a command!

You forgot to mention the version of bash.  Don't expect everybody to go
to the SuSE site to check what bash it uses.

This command should not appear in bash history, because it's prefixed with
space and HISTCONTROL=ignorespace is set in the subshell.

By the what, what does the following command show in the subshell:


> With a previous version of mc (don't remember exactly, but was 4.5.XX, XX>30), I used to got
> such extra cd ".." commands, but with path instead of the \xx\xx\xx\xx!

So the problem was already there, because you didn't type those commands
either.  The only difference is that MC-4.5.55 encodes the path to prevent
any interference with the communication channel between MC and the

Pavel Roskin

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