swapping off the panels: question


I've compiled mc 4.5.55 on a SuSE based linux box (glibc 2.1.2), everything went ok, but:

when switching to the shell interface, so switching off the panels (Ctr+O = is this what you
name the 'subshell'?), *sometimes* I find a command like:

cd "`echo -e '\057\155\156\164\057\146\151\162\145\142\141\154\154\057\156\145\164\142\157\170'`"

and many others in the bash history, whereas I've never typed such a command!

With a previous version of mc (don't remember exactly, but was 4.5.XX, XX>30), I used to got
such extra cd ".." commands, but with path instead of the \xx\xx\xx\xx!

Could you help me understanding and/or solving this strange behaviour?

Best regards


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