Re: ogg123 in mc.ext

Hi all:
> I changed the mp3 entry for mpg123 to ogg123, which works fine here:
> I removed the MPEG option, because I assume an ogg isn't an mpeg.
> I like to play my mp3's through mc, but I'm switching to ogg's, and
> I'd love it if mc had support for that be default.

  I added ogg support right after the mp3 entry on `system wide'
ectrntion rc file.

  You disabled the mp3 support because, you are sure you will
never get a mp3 sent to you by a friend and you will never
down load any mp3's again?

  I copied a 33kB wav file into a 27 kB ogg file, and I copied
the same wav file into a 3 kB mp3, I don't see any reason to
convert any of the mp3's in my collection to ogg format.
The losses that occurred in converting the audio to mp3 remains
lost after converting an mp3 to ogg, so there would be no
gain other than a size increase.

         73 (= Best Regards) de: (= this is) Ron ka4inm qsl net
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