Re: ogg123 in mc.ext

Hello, Ron!

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Ron KA4INM Youvan wrote:

> Hi all:
> snip
> > I changed the mp3 entry for mpg123 to ogg123, which works fine here:
> > I removed the MPEG option, because I assume an ogg isn't an mpeg.
> snip
> > I like to play my mp3's through mc, but I'm switching to ogg's, and
> > I'd love it if mc had support for that be default.
> snip
>   I added ogg support right after the mp3 entry on `system wide'
> ectrntion rc file.
>   You disabled the mp3 support because, you are sure you will
> never get a mp3 sent to you by a friend and you will never
> down load any mp3's again?

Ron, I believe that you either didn't read the patch of didn't understand
a single line in it.  There is no way how adding or removing anything
_after_ the rules for mp3 in mc.ext can affect support for mp3.  Please
don't write e-mail in this style about things that you don't understand.

Pavel Roskin

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