ogg123 in mc.ext


I have a feature request for mc.
I usually use mc to play my audiofiles, and I'm missing ogg123 support
in mc.ext.
Could it be added to it?

I changed the mp3 entry for mpg123 to ogg123, which works fine here:
I removed the MPEG option, because I assume an ogg isn't an mpeg.

I like to play my mp3's through mc, but I'm switching to ogg's, and
I'd love it if mc had support for that be default.

Btw, I'm not subscribed to this list so please cc a reply to my

Patch on 4.5.55:

--- mc.ext-org  Mon Oct  1 15:54:35 2001
+++ mc.ext      Wed Oct  3 14:45:57 2001
@@ -260,6 +260,11 @@
        Open=mpg123 %f
        View=%view{ascii} mpg123 -tn1 %f 2>&1|grep -E

+       Open=ogg123 %f
+       View=%view{ascii} ogg123 -tn1 %f 2>&1|grep -E

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Marcel Pol
mpol gmx net

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