Re: ogg123 in mc.ext

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 14:51:41 -0400 (EDT)
Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> wrote:

> > I have a feature request for mc.
> > I usually use mc to play my audiofiles, and I'm missing ogg123
> > in mc.ext.
> > Could it be added to it?
> Yes, of course.

Thanks :)

> > I changed the mp3 entry for mpg123 to ogg123, which works fine
> > I removed the MPEG option, because I assume an ogg isn't an mpeg.
> I don't see that you removed anything.  Maybe you mean "MPEG" from
> regular expression?
> > I like to play my mp3's through mc, but I'm switching to ogg's,
> > I'd love it if mc had support for that be default.
> Yes, it certainly deserves to be there.
> > +regex/\.(ogg|OGG|Ogg)$
> > +       Open=ogg123 %f
> > +       View=%view{ascii} ogg123 -tn1 %f 2>&1|grep -E
> > "^(Title|Album|Comment|$)"+
> What version of ogg123 are you using?  Mine is "Ogg123 from
> 1.0beta4" and it doesn't support the "-tn1" option.

Version 1.0rc2 here.
But you're right.
When playing it doesn't show any errors so i didn't take notice.
I guess the -tn option can be removed then.

Marcel Pol
mpol gmx net

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