Re: Update.


> 	* In about a week I will branch the module "mc" in the CVS
>           repository.  The branch will keep the GNOME code, and the
>           HEAD branch will drop support for GNOME and fully deprecate
>           tk and xview (they were already, but there is some cruft
>           here and there that needs to be removed).


> 	* MC has accumulated some bad code over the years that we
>           would like to clean up at some point.  At this stage our
>           objective is to go for maintainability and cleanliness in
>           the source code to encourage people to contribute.
> 	  Part of this is dropping entirely the multi-"frontend"
> 	  support that we had.  Another part will be cleaning up after
> 	  the mess we have done in a few spots (vfs has a few
> 	  "interesting" pieces as well as some of the older code).

What "interesting" places in vfs are you aware of?

> Research-ish topics:
> 	* In the future, when the GNOME VFS progresses we might
>           consider replacing the current VFS with the GNOME VFS (it
>           has no GUI dependencies, do not fear), but currently it
>           lacks a number of features that MC has (tar browsing, extfs,
>           fish, good ftp support).

Agreed. Gnome-vfs is multithreaded, which is pretty nice. Loadable
modules are nice, too.

> 	  GNOME VFS code is better written, but it has still has got
> 	  some time to mature.  We will keep our options open.

...but I'm not sure if I'd call it better written. It still uses old
"url" method, which is totaly unsuitable for something that wants to
look like filesystem. (Or not? It is not easy to check for that)

> 	  GNOME VFS would also allow us to do cancellation of
> 	  operations at any point (which should be a nice addition). 

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