Re: Update

>       * MC has accumulated some bad code over the years that we
>           would like to clean up at some point.  At this stage our
>           objective is to go for maintainability and cleanliness in
>           the source code to encourage people to contribute.

Probably, we can use standart system-wide regex library
instead having our own in regex.c.
We should compile regex.c only for Unices that have no
builtin one.

We can also remove po/*.gmo files from the source distribution.
Those files are heavy and significantly increase
distribution size. Anyway they are automatically generated.

Maybe we should provide source distribution _variant_ without
international translations (without po directory).
Those translations are the most heavy part of the distribution
and many people (even people whose native language is not English)
do not need it at all. Why they have to pay for the the thing
they do not need?

Regards, Walery

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