Re: Update

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 08:31:37AM -0400, Walery Studennikov wrote:
> >       * MC has accumulated some bad code over the years that we
> >           would like to clean up at some point.  At this stage our
> >           objective is to go for maintainability and cleanliness in
> >           the source code to encourage people to contribute.
> Probably, we can use standart system-wide regex library
> instead having our own in regex.c.
> We should compile regex.c only for Unices that have no
> builtin one.

If we a going to use glib more widely, there are plans to incorporate
PCRE as a regular expressions mechanism the into next generation of 
glib. And we can use it even beforehand and test it...

The benifites are wellknown syntax, portability, robostness and speed.

> We can also remove po/*.gmo files from the source distribution.
> Those files are heavy and significantly increase
> distribution size. Anyway they are automatically generated.

I assume it's just a mistake. Of course, .po's are more than enough for

> Maybe we should provide source distribution _variant_ without
> international translations (without po directory).
> Those translations are the most heavy part of the distribution
> and many people (even people whose native language is not English)
> do not need it at all. Why they have to pay for the the thing
> they do not need?

That a bad idea, imho. MC for a long time now not just a self contained
distribution and requires a bunch - at least glib and slang libraries
to work. The almost complete source of the samba also doesn't do it 

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