Re: Update

Hello, Timur!

> > Probably, we can use standart system-wide regex library
> > instead having our own in regex.c.
> > We should compile regex.c only for Unices that have no
> > builtin one.

I think it used to be this way. Look in the toplevel Changelog:

1999-01-11  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel nuclecu unam mx>

        * (REGEX_O): Always include regex.o as the code we
        are using in gmc is not using regcomp/regexec, but the internal
        Emacs API.

Later I eliminated REGEX_O since it was useless after the Miguel's change.

> If we a going to use glib more widely, there are plans to incorporate
> PCRE as a regular expressions mechanism the into next generation of
> glib. And we can use it even beforehand and test it...
> The benifites are wellknown syntax, portability, robostness and speed.

I don't know what it is, but I think that if it's something more powerful
than the traditional regular expressions it may be a good idea to use it.
Regular expressions in MC are user visible, and convenience (power,
clarity, whatever) for the user should be our priority over the
distribution size.

> > We can also remove po/*.gmo files from the source distribution.
> > Those files are heavy and significantly increase
> > distribution size. Anyway they are automatically generated.
> I assume it's just a mistake. Of course, .po's are more than enough for
> distribuition.

gmo files are distributed with other GNU projects (e.g. bison). The CVS
version of gettext still distributes them. If you think this is wrong
contact developers of gettext.

> That a bad idea, imho. MC for a long time now not just a self
> contained distribution and requires a bunch - at least glib and slang
> libraries to work. The almost complete source of the samba also
> doesn't do it smaller.

I cleaned up the samba part recently. Ideally, MC should link with
libsamba if SMB support is requested. This would be much cleaner. The only
remaining files should be those providing the interface to libsamba.

Pavel Roskin

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