Re: Update.

Hi, Tomasz!

> > 	* Updating documentation: we need to update the docs to
> >           reflect the location of the mailing lists, the web page (old
> >           or new) and drop the mc.sgml file (which was never actually
> >           used)
> IMHO it will be better keep SGML/XML file as source all documentation.
> Also man pages. I can prepere this (if You allow me :).

Actually, what should be done is a converter from the manpage to SGML and
back. It should preserve the links in the manpage. The links are actually
hints for man2hlp, generator of the helpfile - they are implemented as
comments with the word "LINK2".

The converter should not require anything special to run, so that only one
format would be kept on CVS.

Pavel Roskin

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