gettextize lands in


I wrote replying to gettext problems:

> I'll probably change to using gettextize.  This would solve two
> problems:
> 1) People with the wrong version of gettext will be warned if they try to
> compile from CVS.
> 2) MC will no longer depend on the shared intl directory.  This night I
> reverted another commit to intl/  It's becoming annoying.
> Nobody should decide for us what version of gettext we should use.

I've just committed a patch to that goes exactly that.  The
code is quite hacky, but the real problem is that gettextize is designed
to be run by humans, not by scripts.

Note that the "shared" intl directory is no longer used.  You may need to
remove "D/intl////" from the toplevel CVS/Entry.  Sorry for inconvenience.

Problem reports (and success stories if any :-)) will be appreciated.

Pavel Roskin

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