Re: Some smbfs issues

Hi, Andrew!

> 	/* make server name appear as directory */
> 	DEBUG(1, ("smbfs_stat: showing server as directory\n"));

I think that's the explanation.

Let me guess what this code is supposed to do.  If I run
vfs/samba/configure on Linux I'm getting a warning

checking configure summary... WARNING: No automated netmask determination
- use an interfaces line

This warning doesn't show up on OpenBSD.  It looks like that the samba
library used in MC does not know how to find the broadcast address.  It
could be used to find all servers in the network.  I believe that the VFS
samba code was written with a network listing mode in mind, when the
servers are shown as directories, so that you could press Enter on one of
them in order to login, just like the Far Manager does it.

This code is probably not functional, at least on Linux.  However, the
code in question probably attempts to represent servers as directories in
the network listing only.

So the fix would be to enable this code in the network listing.  I don't
know how to distinguish it, but probably the current directory doesn't
have the server name in it in this case.

It would be nice to fix the network listing, but commenting this code out
should be fine if we have a proof that the network listing is currently
broken not only on Linux.

> of this entry is ok. And the same thing happen each time if
> some share (IPC, printers) "exist but can't stated".
> This is independed ? bug.

"exist but can't stated" is a big, fundamental bug of MC.  There should be
a better fallback in the directory code if stat fails.  I believe that a
better solution would be to show such entries like stale symlinks but with
'?' instead of '!' and maybe with a different color.

Pavel Roskin

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