Re: zh_TW.Big5.po errors

Hi, Walery!

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Walery Studennikov wrote:

> On my linux box (RH71) I get following errors during
> po/gmo files compilation:
> zh_TW.Big5.po:678: illegal control sequence

1) What are you compiling?  Is it a snapshot or MC from CVS?  My guess is
that it's CVS.

2) What does "gettext --version" show?  My guess is that it's not 0.10.38.

I'll probably change to using gettextize.  This would solve two

1) People with the wrong version of gettext will be warned if they try to
compile from CVS.

2) MC will no longer depend on the shared intl directory.  This night I
reverted another commit to intl/  It's becoming annoying.
Nobody should decide for us what version of gettext we should use.

Pavel Roskin

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