Enjoy Shift-F7 on Linux console!


I've just fixed a nasty bug in MC that existed since MC was put on CVS in
1998.  Keyboard settings from the generic file mc.lib have preference over
the user settings from ~.mc/ini.

mc.lib defines keys for the terminals: console, linux, xterm, xterm-color
and ibmpc3.  The definitions for the "linux" terminals assume that
Shift-F1 is F11, Shift-F2 is F12 and so on, just like in xterm.

Unfortunately, some keyboard maps for Linux make Shift-F1 emit the
sequence that other vt100-like terminals would use for F13, and so on.
However, the terminal name is still "linux".  On such terminals, pressing
e.g. Shift-F7 to continue search in the editor would invoke a message box
saying "You must first highlight a block of text".

Smart users went to "Learn keys" and MC gladly accepted the new keys ...
until it was restarted.  Because mc.lib had preference over user settings.
Not anymore.

	* setup.c (load_keys_from_section): Give ~/.mc/ini preference
	over mc.lib.

--- setup.c
+++ setup.c
@@ -731,11 +731,15 @@ load_keys_from_section (char *terminal,
 void load_key_defs (void)
     char *libfile = concat_dir_and_file (mc_home, "mc.lib");
-    load_keys_from_section (getenv ("TERM"), profile_name);
-    load_keys_from_section ("general", profile_name);

+    /*
+     * Load keys from mc.lib before ~/.mc/ini, so that the user
+     * definitions override global settings.
+     */
     load_keys_from_section (getenv ("TERM"), libfile);
     load_keys_from_section ("general", libfile);
+    load_keys_from_section (getenv ("TERM"), profile_name);
+    load_keys_from_section ("general", profile_name);

     /* We don't want a huge database loaded in core */
     free_profile_name (libfile);

The documentation will be fixed separately.  The existing description of
mc.lib is too vague: "Settings in this file are global to any Midnight
Commander". :-)

Pavel Roskin

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