Re: Patches for editor

Hi, Steef and everybody!

Returning to our discussion 3 weeks ago about the editor killing files
when using F11 menu because of incorrect interpretation of "%b".

> > Can someone tell me what's wrong with the user menu?
> I think it never worked. It's a result of an incomplete merge with
> Colledit.

I have fixed support for "%b" and "%n" in the editor.  It's a major bugfix
- it fixes data loss.  The fixed snapshot is as usually at (we probably need a better place for
them in the long run).

Unless anybody reports anything terrible, we are 4 bugs from the next

1) strcoll.  Rewriting the "Sort order" dialog to keep everyone happy.

2) Copying to fish files >4k fails if you have new mail on the remote
side (my very preliminary interpretation).

3) achown forgets permissions after changing the group - hopefully
tonight or tomorrow.

4) no stylesheet images for GMC documentation.  Will be fixed if I find a
single GNOME project where the documentation is processed correctly and
"make distcheck" passes with Automake 1.4a and above.

Optional entries (if I have time):

- ksh support (if it's easy)

- mc with subshell hangs on QNX Neutrino.

Pavel Roskin

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