Re: patch to get a relocateable mc

Hi, Ludovic!

> Ok ! Sorry, I sent similar patches months ago and I did not notice they
> were in CVS.
> Did you received my patch for allowing '@' in a ftp login ?

Strange that are asking me yet you removed my e-mail from the To: field.

Unfortunately, like many other projects, MC is not run by full-time
developers.  Patches may get lost if nobody has time to apply them.
However, clear, consistent and well-documented patches with ChangeLog
entries usually get applied.  It's also helpful to state how the patch has
been tested and what were the results.

However, I would like to ask everybody with the write access to inform
patch authors if their patches are applied.  Sorry, Ludovic, that nobody
told you.

I remember seing at least one patch for '@' in the login, but it was
rather kludgy, so I didn't feel that I can apply it.  We probably need a
discussion in the list first.  Actually, we need a standard for VFS names.
Once everybody agrees on the standard, the implementation could be changed
to support it.

I looked for your patch on Google and could not find it.  Please resend it
if you can, and don't forget to explain your changes.

By the way, I found another patch from you, for ksh support in the
subshell.  This would be great to implement.  Many systems (including
*BSD) don't have any of the currently supported subshells installed, but
they usually have ksh.

Pavel Roskin

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