Re: Lost messages from the old mailing-lists

Hi, Frédéric!

> >
> It's a bug. I'm adding it to my todo list:
> $ finger proski gnu org | grep achown
> achown forgets permissions after changing the group

I have fixed this bug.  It's indeed a very serious bug, because MC would
set permissions different from those shown on the screen.

My guess is that this bug appeared because somebody enhanced set_mode()
and named the new function set_mode_by_flags().  However, the old function
was not removed and was used in one obscure place (when the owner or the
group changes).

The rationale is - make sure that the old code is removed.  Have compiler
and linker on your side - they will detect cases when the old functions
are used, but they cannot do it if you don't remove them.

Pavel Roskin

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