Re: --with-ncurses problems

Tomasz Kl/oczko wrote:

>>> Shift+F2 [26~[28~

>> This looks bad.  I'm not surprised that MC has hard time
>> learning this.

> Without information on which $TERM this was you can't say
> authoritativly "this looks bad". Of course on TERM=xterm
> yes you are right because:

> $ TERM=xterm infocmp -I | grep kf12
>         kf1=\EOP, kf10=\E[21~, kf11=\E[23~, kf12=\E[24~,
>	  	    		 	      ^^^^^^^^^^

> (shift+F2 is the same as F12). Remember some terminals has
> only few function keys (for example VT100 have *only* F1-F4).

Actually, forget everything I wrote except the problem with
syntax highlighting and my last message.

I think what Pavel said is that "[26~[28~" looks bad. It was
a typo. On screen it reported "[26~", but gpm...

And because I was too fast in 'Learn keys' I'd have to press
3 times, not 2, what I didn't.

BTW, I bought a new ABNT2 keyboard in the last days. The real
problem is F19 and F20. Now I don't know what's wrong with
them, if termcap/terminfo or the keyboard from China...

OK, screen or my termcap/terminfo doesn't support the + - *
keys. IIRC it used to work.

And there's a problem with End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete,
Insert not recognized by 'Learn keys' with ncurses, but
working !

And the -c problem. Again, forget everything I wrote about
key problems except the last message.

If I get syntax highlighting with ncurses, I think
--with-included-slang will problably be removed from my

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