Re: --with-ncurses problems

Hi, Frédéric!

All my recent messages to you have bounced.  On the other hand, you are
losing my e-mail address from CC: all the time.  If the software does it
for you, consider using a better mail program.  If you do it by hand, then
you are probably wrong.  I don't like private discussions, but I would not
mind getting a personal copy of messages that are meant for me.

> Changes using --with-included-slang:
> End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, Insert: Recognized with
> 'Learn keys'. But they work using --with-ncurses. The only
> problem is that they aren't recognized by 'Learn keys'. Why,
> if they work ?

I could reproduce this problem now.

I know why!  Because learn_key() in src/key.c uses xgetch(), which is not
the same for ncurses and S-Lang.  For S-Lang it's a low-level function,
that returns for every byte in the input.  In ncurses it's a more
complicated function, that gets the whole sequence and returns the
interpreted code, KEY_IC in the case of Insert.

But then learn_store_key() casts the key code to char, and this gives "K".

I'm changing learn_keys so that the keypad mode is turned off when xgetch
is called.

--- key.c
+++ key.c
@@ -870,10 +870,12 @@ char *learn_key (void)
     fd_set Read_FD_Set;
     struct timeval endtime;
     struct timeval timeout;
-    int c = xgetch ();
+    int c;
     char buffer [256];
     char *p = buffer;

+    keypad(stdscr, FALSE); /* disable intepreting keys by ncurses */
+    c = xgetch ();
     while (c == ERR)
         c = xgetch (); /* Sanity check, should be unnecessary */
     learn_store_key (buffer, &p, c);
@@ -904,8 +906,9 @@ char *learn_key (void)
         if (c == ERR)
-	learn_store_key (buffer, &p, c);
+	learn_store_key (buffer, &p, c);
+    keypad(stdscr, TRUE);
     notimeout (stdscr, TRUE);

> Another problem. Under screen you don't need -c if compiled
> with --with-ncurses. If compiled with --with-included-slang
> colors aren't displayed without -c.

Not enabling the color by default is a limitation of S-Lang support in MC.
Missing support for "-c" with ncurses is a limitation of ncurses support
in MC.  Fixes are possible and welcome, but nobody was annoyed enough to
make them.

> I tested on Linux console with TERM=linux . F19 and F20
> aren't recognized but +, -, and * are.

That's not surprizing.  F19 and F20 are assigned to Shift-F7 and Shift-F8
is some linux keymaps.  Those keymaps map Shift-Fn to F(n+12)  to
distinguish between F12 and Shift-F2, but Shift-F9 and Shift-F10 become
unmapped.  Try "loadkeys defkeymap_V1.0" for a keymap that supports
Shift-F9 and Shift-F10.  Screen really can do nothing in the host terminal
(linux) doesn't provide the keys.

On the other hand, srceen interpretes keypad + according to the terminal
settings so that the programs have a unified "screen" terminal.

Pavel Roskin

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