Re: --with-ncurses problems

>> How to determine ? Compile with included S-Lang ?

> You mean you haven't tried yet?  And you were suggesting to
> remove ncurses support without having checked that your
> problems are related to ncurses?

No, I thought it wasn't necessary - I always compile with
--with-included-slang. And it always worked. Maybe a new
termcap/terminfo broke something.

>> [[2~^

> Are you sure that "^" is in the end and not in the beginning?

No... [[2~ . Again sorry.

>> +: +
>> -: -
>> *: *

> Well, obviously your terminal doesn't distinguish between
> "normal +" and "keypad +".  I don't know why you expect MC to
> distinguish them, and most importantly, how it relates to
> ncurses.

OK. The same with S-Lang.

>> Can't test F19 and F20.

> You mean that they emit no sequences?  Then how can any
> program use them?

Yes. Ditto.

> Please double check your results, otherwise you are wasting
> time of everybody in this list.  Don't expect me to continue
> this discussion - it takes too much time (my time at least, I
> don't know about yours) and brings no useful results.

Changes using --with-included-slang:

End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, Insert: Recognized with
'Learn keys'. But they work using --with-ncurses. The only
problem is that they aren't recognized by 'Learn keys'. Why,
if they work ?

Another problem. Under screen you don't need -c if compiled
with --with-ncurses. If compiled with --with-included-slang
colors aren't displayed without -c.

I tested on Linux console with TERM=linux . F19 and F20
aren't recognized but +, -, and * are.

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