Re: --with-ncurses problems

Hi, Frédéric!

> > Which of those problems are ncurses specific and which are
> > not?
> How to determine ? Compile with included S-Lang ?

You mean you haven't tried yet?  And you were suggesting to remove ncurses
support without having checked that your problems are related to ncurses?

I actually compiled MC both with S-Lang and ncurses trying to reproduce
your problem.

Yes, compiling with included S-Lang is probably better that using
installed S-Lang, because the former is always the same.

> > Run "dd" ithout arguments and press Insert in it.  What do
> > you see?
> [[2~^

Are you sure that "^" is in the end and not in the beginning?

> > The same applies to all other problematic keys.
> End: ^[[4~
> Page Up: ^[[5~
> Page Down: ^[[6~
> Delete: ^[[3~

All this looks good.

> +: +
> -: -
> *: *

Well, obviously your terminal doesn't distinguish between "normal +" and
"keypad +".  I don't know why you expect MC to distinguish them, and most
importantly, how it relates to ncurses.

> Can't test F19 and F20.

You mean that they emit no sequences?  Then how can any program use them?

Please double check your results, otherwise you are wasting time of
everybody in this list.  Don't expect me to continue this discussion - it
takes too much time (my time at least, I don't know about yours) and
brings no useful results.

Pavel Roskin

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