Re: ANNOUNCE: GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55

Hi, Timur!

> Ok, the cause of this problem is in one of your recent changes:
> 2001-07-17  Pavel Roskin  <proski gnu org>
> 	* util.c (get_current_wd): Remove.  It's obsoleted by
> 	g_get_current_dir() from glib.

Thank you for finding it!

> Unfortunatelly, g_get_current_dir() has a strange 'feature', that makes it im-
> possible to use it in MC - in case of inability to read the path instead of
> returning NULL it returns '/'(actually, G_DIR_SEPARATOR).

I think it's a minor problem.  The fix belongs to glib, not to MC.  I
don't see any urgent need to put a workaround in the MC sources.

If you want, I can take g_get_current_dir() from the head version of glib
(it's better than the one from 1.2.10) and copy it into the MC sources
with the appropiate fix.

> So, there is no clear way to distinct error and a leagal case when your current
> dir is root, or when it is a symlink to root.

Yes, glib repeats the flaws of the functions it's trying to replace :-)

Pavel Roskin

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